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pollo relleno


 Entire - € 90  

  Half - € 48  

  (8-10 servings)  

decorado navideño

Stuffed TURKEY

 Entire - 105  


  (10-12 servings)  

campana navideño
pavo relleno
redondo de magra

Beef eye of round steak

 Entire - € 35  


  (4-6 servings)  

icono de papa noel navideño

Roast KID

 Entire - €165  


  (10-12 servings)  

bola navideña
cabrito a l'ast


 Entire - 155  

  Half - € 80  

  (8-10 servings)  

bastoncillo navideño

LAMB shoulder

 Entire - 50  


  (2 servings)  

icono de navidad
espaldita de cordero
pierna de cordero

Leg of LAMB

 Entire - 70  


  (2-3 servings)  

muñeco de nieve navideño

Round of VEAL

 Unit - € 7  


  (1 portion)  

gorro navideño
redondo de ternera
muslito de pollo relleno

Stuffed chicken thigh

 Unit - 7  


  (1 portion)  

guante navideño

COD in 'sanfaina'
 Unit -8.50  
  (1 portion)  

cascabel navideño
bacalao en sanfaina

'Casa Carmen' COD

 Unit - € 11.50  


  (1 portion)  

árbol de navidad

In addition to these main dishes of Christmas, each month of December we open our agenda to take note of your orders for Christmas Eve, Saint Stephen, New Year's Eve, New Year and Magic Kings'Day, in which you can make special orders notified in advance (oven-baked sea bream, duck with orange sauce, marinated salmon, 'escudella'...)

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