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Rostisseria Carmen La Placeta: homemade meals to take away

In Rostisseria Carmen, a house founded in 1972, we have more than 50 years of experience and tradition in homemade takeaway food in Viladecans (Barcelona). Our specialties have always been roast chickens, chicken and ham croquettes and meat cannelloni, but throughout these decades we have been adding many more quality dishes to our menu, all of them standing out for being thought out and originally prepared by our chefs, with the best local products and based on unique and own recipes.

Año 1972, fundadores de Rostisseria Carmen en la Calle de Joaquín Mir, Viladecans

1972. Rostisseria Carmen C/Joaquín Mir.

Moving on to our 3rd generation, since 2018 we are located at La Placeta de Les Flors, nº3, in a place located at street level next to the children's play park and behind the Miramar Institute. We are open practically all year, from Tuesday to Sunday and holidays. We attend to orders in person and by phone to specify a pick-up time, but once there, if there is a queue, it will be in a single line to be attended to and deliver the order in order of arrival. In this way you can ensure the reservation, especially on weekends and prominent dates, although normally during the week you can find most of our dishes from the conventional letter without problems. In addition, we offer a special christmas letter with the most typical preparations for these dates and we are available to do birthday catering, meetings or other matters at any time of the year, as long as we agree and organize it in advance with the interested client.

Año 2018, dueños de Rostisseria Carmen La Placeta de les flors, nº3, Viladecans

2018. Rostisseria Carmen Placeta de Les Flors, nº3.

In this family business our objective and commitment to our customers is to make them feel 'at home' and above all to offer them friendly, fast and efficient attention and a service in line with their expectations.

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