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Our letter

In the letter of Rostisseria Carmen La Placeta we have like main options our traditional roast chicken, our chicken and ham croquettes and our meat cannelloni, in addition to roast rabbit and roast knuckle and caliu potatoes, aioli sauce and 'romesco' sauce that we make to accompany the different dishes.

As starters you can find russian salad, shrimp cocktail, cod 'esqueixada', potato cake, 'gazpacho', deviled eggs, 'summer' cannelloni, 'piquillo' peppers stuffed with cod, battered eggplants and cod fritters.

Later, as to meats we have macaroni with tomato and sausages,

veal in sauce with mushrooms, chicken stuffed eggplants, livers,

snails and tripes in sauce, stuffed chicken thighs and chicken meatballs

in your tomato sauce. And of fish you can choose between cod in

'sanfaina', mussels in sailor's sauce, oven-baked sea bass with potatoes,

cod croquettes, salmon with vegetables and our 'Casa Carmen' cod.

On the other hand, you have the opportunity to try our vegetarian or vegan dishes such as the potato omelette, the 'escalivada', the spinach croquettes and cannelloni, the green beans in 'tempura', the fresh and seasoned mushrooms and the 'padrón' peppers.

Besides, we also do seasonal dishes, either baked artichokes, broad beans with ham, cod stew, calçots in 'tempura' and mushroom croquettes, artichoke croquettes and calçots croquettes.

Of desserts we have rice pudding, tiramisu, catalan cream, cheesecake, banana fritters and cups of sponge cake with different flavors of mousse.

We also have a variety of drinks ranging from soft drinks (can or 2L) and water (small or 1L½) to a bottle of beer (1L), a bottle of 'lambrusco', a bottle of red wine, a bottle of 'verdejo' wine and a bottle of white and rose brut nature cava.

And finally, we have other options that you can order to snack on or to complement the food, such as some ice cream, a bag of chips, a bag of crusts or a loaf of bread.

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